All the transferred recordings are from two collections:

  1. Stambler Collection in the Rodgers & Hammerstein library in Lincoln Center, New York City.
  2. A collection informally known as the Kranzler Collection that is in the possession of Dr. Neil Levin of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.

For now, included are a number of duplicate titles to select from. However, each selection is unique due to the following factors:

  • Different record labels
  • Same record label but different catalog numbers
  • Same record label and same catalog numbers but from different collections and different degrees of wear.
  • The remastering engineer made varying choices for each record independently.

Comments are most welcome to assist in determining which duplicates should be removed at some point.


Make a selection below.



    1. Hajom Haras Olom                                                    Gramaphone GC 11793                               
    2. Jaale Tachnunenu Meerew                                     Zonophone X-102657          
    3. Kaddisch Zu Den Hohen Festtagen                       Regent  1289                         
    4. Kaddisch Zu Neujahr                                                Odeon X-23840                      
    5. Kaddisch Zu Tall und Geschem                             Odeon X-23848                     
    6. Kaddish (for High Holidays)                                     Odeon X-38807                     
    7. Kaddish (for High Holidays)                                     Regent 1289                         
    8. Kaddish (for Tal and Geshem)                                Odeon X-23848                    
    9. Keduscha                                                                    Odeon X-23831
    10. Kol Nidre                                                                      Odeon X-23847                   
    11. Kol Nidre                                                                                        Regent 1286
    12. Kol Nidre                                                                                        Zonophone X-102448          
    13. Kol Nidre                                                                                        Odeon X-23847
    14. Kol Nidre                                                                                        Regent 1286 
    15. Kol Nidre – Edited By Steve Wein
    16. Kol Nidre (part 1)                                                           Gramaphone V4-102333    
    17. Kol Nidre (part2)                                                                         Gramaphone V4-102334  
    18. Kol Nidre I Teil                                                                             Gramaphone 102333 
    19. Kol Nidre II Teil                                                                            Gramaphone 102334        
    20. Mi Addir                                                                                           Odeon X-38809                     
    21. Mloch Al Kol Hoolom                                                              Odeon X-23837                     
    22. Mloch ol kol Hoolom                                                               Odeon X-38802                      
    23. Moos Zur                                                                                        Odeon X-38806                     
    24. Moos Zur                                                                                        Odeon X-23833
    25. Uwaschofe Godol                                                                      Odeon X-23839
    26. Uwashofer Godol                                                                       Odeon X-38800                     
    27. Uwnucho Jomar                                                                         Odeon X-23832                     
    28. Whakohanim Whoom                                                               Gramaphone G.C.-11794   
    29. W’hogen Boadenu                                                                      Zonophone  X-102449       
    30. Zaddik Katomor                                                                            Odeon X-23838                     
    31. Zaddik Katomor Jefroch                                                         Odeon X-38803